About Us

Confucius Institute Online (www.chinesecio.com), under the auspices of Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban, is a large-scale Chinese education website, providing online teaching and learning, real-time interaction as well as learning evaluation services for global Chinese language learners.

Currently, Confucius Institute Online has established a Chinese teaching system which is predicated on real-time teaching, self-learning and interaction. And a smart database and search engine focusing on Chinese education courseware, question bank, aided teaching resources and the like, are developed. Moreover, Confucius Institute Online has roughly 4000 online Chinese teachers, 250 thousand online lessons and 87 cooperative organizations, capable of providing rich learning resources for Chinese language learners over the world.

Taking advantage of the internet, Confucius Institute Online will further play a uniquely important role in Chinese teaching and culture dissemination so as to meet the need of Chinese learning from the people worldwide and to promote their understanding about Chinese language and culture.